Warning! Stolen Technology

It has come to our attention that in Asia, specifically South Korea and China, there are companies with similar names who are representing themselves as being part of Stirling Technology, Inc. and UltimateAir. These companies are claiming that they are the owners and inventors of the technologies developed and patented by Stirling Technology Inc of Athens, Ohio, USA. Further, in some cases, they are claiming to actually own our company.

We'd like to set the record straight.

Stirling Technology, Inc. (STI) designed, patented, and is the exclusive owner of all rights to the ST-5 Stirling Engine throughout the world. In fact, in the last 70 years or so, STI is the only company to successfully manufacture a commercially viable Stirling Cycle Engine anywhere in the world. UltimateAir, Inc. is the exclusive licensee of the RecoupAerator, invented and patented by Stirling Technology Inc. and produces the RecoupAerator line of Energy Recovery Ventilators.

The only currently valid licensee of the ST-5 Stirling Engine in Asia is Stirling Engine Company, Japan (SEC, Japan), Mr. Nobutoshi Tezuka is their President.

They are the only company in Asia with a valid license to manufacture and sell The ST-5 Stirling Engine.

Currently in China, we are in negotiations to form a joint venture company, which we plan to call “The Shenyang UltimateAir Ventilator Company, LTD.” This will be the only company in Asia with the rights to our RecoupAerator Technology.

STI and Ultimate Air are in no way affiliated with Stirling Technology Korea or Stirling Engine Company, Korea, which are owned and operated by a Mr. WooSeop Song (Nickolas Song ) and his family. Mr. Song has been claiming that he worked with us on Stirling Engines from the very beginning in India and is the owner of Stirling Technology Inc. of Ohio. None of these claims are true. Further, Mr. Song has refused to return a prototype of a Solar Stirling Cycle cooler designed by us. In addition to this theft by conversion, he is attempting to pass it off as his own design and start manufacturing and distributing it throughout Asia.

Stirling Technology China is operating out of Hong Kong and has no rights to be using our logo or brand name. They are not licensed by us and are not affiliated with our company. The products manufactured by these entities were not designed, engineered, manufactured, authorized or endorsed by STI or Ultimate Air.

STI/UA are closely held companies , owned, operated and located in Athens, Ohio, USA. STI/UA are not owned nor affiliated with Sunpower Inc. of Athens, Ohio.

Neither STK, SEC Korea nor STC, their founders, managers or any employees thereof own any shares in STI/UA or are in any other manner affiliated with STI/UA.