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  • Over 5 HP Of Shaft Power At 650 RPM-Level power output over a range of speeds 

  • Multi-Fuel Operation-produce your own fuel and be truly energy independent 

  • No Spark Plugs, Carburetor, Distributor, Muffler, Injector-few failure modes 

  • Reliability-low maintenance and service requirements result from simplicity of design 

  • Quiet Operation-fuel is burned continuously outside of the engine so noise is minimal 

  • Little Pollution-minimal carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides 

  • Absence of Oil-no need to monitor and change oil 

  • Safety-no boiler or high pressures as with steam engines

  • Long Life-high quality bearings, seal materials, & commitment to quality control assure ruggedness 

  • User Serviceability-field repairable with basic tools and the service manual 

  • High Quality-backed by a one year parts replacements warranty 

  The ST-5 On-Site Power Revolution

  The ST-5 and Total Energy Independence


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