Our Company

Here at Stirling Technology, Inc. we are committed to the development of sustainable, environmentally friendly technologies. Since 1984 we have been designing Stirling cycle engines for field use. In 1989 we developed our patented Rotary Core Heat Exchanger based on our knowledge of high heat transfer requirements of Stirling engines. We have since been working to perfect our products through the use of high grade modern materials, and by simplifying our designs. The RecoupAerators of today use high efficiency electronically commutated DC motors which use less energy and function better than our earlier designs, and better than designs still used by other manufacturers of energy recovery and heat recovery ventilators.

Stirling Technology, Inc., incorporated in 1983, is an international engineering and marketing organization specializing in introducing and transferring technology that improves lives, increases productivity, and reduces reliance on fossil fuels.  It maintains offices, research and development and manufacturing facilities in Athens, Ohio, with licensing agreements in Asia and marketing outlets in Europe and North America.

STIs technical expertise is in the field of alternative energy and energy conservation.  Decentralized power supplies, operating on locally available and renewable fuel make both economic and social sense. Rural farmers and homeowners can achieve self-sufficiency and avoid the cost and environmentally damaging effects of operating internal combustion engines, while encouraging rural business opportunities, increased agricultural production and cogeneration for homes and villages.

STI has focused our resources on the Stirling engine because of its ability to operate on carbon-neutral biomass fuels, agricultural residues and solar energy, while delivering mechanical power to generate electricity, operate compressors and small agricultural machinery and pump water.